Bouqs Floral Deliveries + General Tips on Ordering/Sending Flowers

For my blog followers interested in floral design/flowers, or for anyone who might be sending flowers to someone in the near future,  I posted a few photos below of custom bouquets I created for The Bouqs Co. (click here to watch YouTube video.)

Each hand-crafted bouquet is hand-tied, placed in an optional glass vase, wrapped in Kraft paper with a fold-over notecard and attached with a clothespin. It makes a lovely presentation for the recipient. And delivery is free!

Bouqs Artisan Florist/Same day Delivery bouquets are available in select markets. To find out if delivery is available, type in the zip code where you would like to have flowers delivered.


This is a “Rustic” bouquet sent as a “Thank you!”


“Farmer’s Market” with bright and bold sunflowers sent as a “Get Well” for a Dad (Yes, men are sent flowers too!)


“Summer Style” sent as a “Promotion Congratulations” to a daughter at her job.


“Grace” which has a green and white color scheme sent as a “Thinking of You.” The Bouqs Co. liked this bouquet a lot and posted it on their Instagram account last week under “Featured Florist.”

Three Tips on Sending Flowers:

-Try to find out when the recipient is home and request to have flowers delivered during the time frame that they’re at home. Flowers left outside in extreme heat will wilt or die. And some recipients don’t want flowers left at a neighbor’s house.

-If sending flowers to a hospital, ICU does NOT allow flowers in patients’ rooms. Many people don’t know this fact. The above sunflower bouquet was for a patient in ICU. The nurse said, “I can take the card and read it to the patient but I can only show him the flowers from outside his door.”

-If you have a specific flower or color scheme in mind, place the flower order a few days in advance to be sure that your request can be met.


A Garage Sale Makeover Using RUST-OLEUM

A few years ago, I rescued this fleur-de-lis metal garden planter from winding up in a dumpster. It was one of many items at an off-the-beaten-path garage sale which had not been advertised. It wasn’t sold and I acquired it with few other garden treasures.


It was in need of a makeover. This week I finally got around to giving it a fresh coat of paint.


I lightly sanded the frame with 150-grit fine sandpaper and a foam sanding block.


As I sanded away the top layer of chipped antique white paint I exposed the original color–avocado green. Could this be a vintage wall planter?


I used RUST-OLOEUM Paint + Primer in Satin Heirloom White purchased at Lowes.


It didn’t take long to spray the planter with two nice even coats.


It’s always amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do for almost anything.


I added a window box with low-maintenance Vinca. I love Vinca because it densely fills planters, it doesn’t require deadheading or pinching back and it tolerates extreme heat and humidity. The leaves are glossy green and the flowers always look healthy throughout the entire summer.

I can actually use the same can of RUST-OLEUM to paint the Terra Poly plastic window box as well. I had used it on a terra-cotta pot last month with great results. It can be used on almost any surface.


The Bouqs Company-Everybody Loves Fresh Flowers!

I have a small floral business where I create flower arrangements for parties and small weddings as well as weekly flowers for offices. I also do flower deliveries which happens to be my favorite part of the floral business.

Recently, I read about The Bouqs Company headquartered in Venice Beach, CA. The company started in 2013 shipping fresh flowers and bouquets straight from a flower farm–located next to a volcano in Ecuador–to customers’ homes. By omitting the middleman, the prices remain reasonable.

Not too long ago, The Bouqs Company added a network of Artisan Florists around the country who create bouquets for the company and deliver them. Customers order online, the order is sent to the artisan florist, the florist creates the bouquet and delivers it.

I recently collaborated with Bouqs as one of their artisan florists and deliver to towns in the Philadelphia suburbs.


This is a Bohemian-style hand-tied bouquet I created for a customer in Villanova. Other bouquets are called Designer’s Choice, Rustic, Romantique, Farmer’s Market, Cuteness, etc. No two bouquets are alike. They’re uncontrived, natural garden-style bouquets that are hand-crafted and available in two sizes: Original ($60) and Deluxe ($70). A glass vase is optional for $5.

I absolutely love creating hand-tied bouquets!


Here is a original-size, Bohemian-style hand-tied bouquet I created before placing it in the Kraft Paper Bouqs cone (in the previous photo).

I chose purple tulips, purple stock, wine-colored alstromeria and green hydrangea with ornamental grass. I have total artistic freedom in choosing flowers and creating the bouquets so this is my interpretation of a bohemian design.

If any of you order a Bouqs bouquet online for someone on the Main Line or surrounding region, I’ll be the person who creates it for you!





Picking Tomatoes

Last night, I picked a bucket full of Better Boy and Early Girl tomatoes from my garden as well as smaller tomatoes from the containers.

It’s recommended leaving tomatoes on the vine as long as possible. Pick them when they’re ripe and very red in color. It’s okay if there is yellow remaining around the stem.

Ripe fruit sinks in water.