1956 Vintage Black Rotary Phone For Sale-Bell System


John cleaned out the garage today and guess what he found? Several black rotary Bell System phones, which Bill, the previous owner, had left behind.

This particular model is from March 1956. It’s in good condition. It’s not damaged and it doesn’t have any cracks; it just needs to be wired for use. It has a clear plastic button in the lower left corner. I’m assuming it was a hold button in order to switch to another line?


When I turned the phone over, the bell made a noise so the ringer works.

If anyone would like to buy this nostalgic phone, please email me at suefogwell@gmail.com

Payment is via PayPal or credit card.

The phone price is $50 plus shipping ($15) to a USA address. I don’t ship to Hawaii or Alaska.

I also posted a 13-second video of the rotary phone on my Instagram account.

Some of the other rotary phones are from the early to mid sixties and are office phones. They would make great props.

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  1. Hi. I know you posted before but i can’t remember what you said… Didn’t you post that bill had sadly passed away? If he did, I’m curious if you all ever were able to find out what happened to all that stuff that he wanted to keep, that John helped him move into storage units?
    Thanks! Love your blog!

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