1960’s Retro Phone in the Hoard

When: December 2014

Many of you have asked me if we found anything retro in the hoard. When John cleaned out the second bedroom, which we called the “Book Room” (it was filled floor to ceiling with books which continued out and into the hallway), he found a retro console-style phone buried in the small closet. He set it aside to ask Bill if he wanted it. Bill said, “No.” Just for the heck of it, knowing retro objects are in demand, I thought I would try to sell it. I asked Bill and he said “Go for it.”

Phone photos 665Because of the rotary dialer, I assumed the phone was from the mid to late 1960’s (Let me know your thoughts). It reminded me of a phone Della might have had on her desk in the old B & W Perry Mason series. Or maybe Perry would have it on his desk.

My first thought was to contact set designers for TV shows and movies. I contacted three via email and did not receive a response. I also posted it on Craigslist…no response. My fifth and last attempt was putting it on Twitter…nothing.

So I placed it on the curb and someone (a picker) grabbed it within an hour. People from all walks of life are pickers. People are on the hunt for “things.” When I have had the time, I’ll actually ask a picker a couple of questions about what they’re taking and I hear a little story. It’s very interesting. It’s nice to know they are walking away happy with their little “find” for the day. They got something for free. And they took something off our hands.

I didn’t see who picked the phone up but maybe he or she was able to sell it.

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