1stdibs Daily Pick: Something Affordable

Photo Credit: Painted Porch Country Antiques/1stdibs.com

Whiteware Ice Bucket from England-1890

The bowl is a mystery as to how it was used with the ice bucket.

Price: $250

4 thoughts on “1stdibs Daily Pick: Something Affordable

  1. This is actually a ‘slop jar” or camber pot, the “bowl”, positioned on top would have functioned as a urinal. Reminds me of when a friend went to a dinner party and the hostess severed her mother’s Boston baked beans recipes in a “baking dish with lid” she had found at an antique store. It was actually a chamber pot with lid. The hostess was clueless!

    Here is another link to one similar, at Etsy.com, properly identified, with it’s handle.


    Love your blog. Have read every posting since you started.

    1. The thought had crossed my mind that it might be a chamber pot (but I’m wondering why it’s not in the 1stdibs description). Thank you for confirming and sending the link. It obviously made good conversation at your friend’s dinner party! 🙂

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