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Lately, I’ve been a little addicted to the online marketplace 1stdibs.

I initially stumbled across it while researching antique needlepoint fireplace screens. John inherited a fireplace screen many years ago and we really don’t know much about its history. I vaguely remember a couple of stories about it but now I’m not too sure about the details.

Since I’m a history buff, I check in on 1stdibs at least once or twice per day and read about the origins of various antiques. I thought I would post my favorite daily pick. It’s all just for fun. Most of what I select, such as today’s French farm table, are beyond our reach financially. In fact, most of the wildly-priced antiques are just flat out absurdly expensive and completely unrealistic (for most of us).

However, I can envision today’s pick in Chateau Gudanes.

This rustic and massive white oak farm table was discovered in the foothills of the Pyrenees, not far from Pamiers (640 km from Paris).

Period: 1810-1819

The table has been rebuilt and cosmetically left alone.

Price: $24,000

Dealer: OLDPLANK – Chicago

Photos Courtesy of OLDPLANK/1stdibs.com



4 thoughts on “1stdibs Daily Pick

  1. Sadly, 1stdibs insists on putting up an annoying window that demands I give them my contact info so I can subscribe. If I close it, it pops up again immediately.

    No thanks. Don’t need the spam.

    1. When I went on 1stdibs.com this morning, only one pop up came up asking who I was shopping for. I clicked the “x” and the pop up did not come back up. I went on the site a second time and I didn’t get a pop up at all.

      Can you turn on your pop up blocker? It’s a great site to peruse and learn from the descriptions. You never know when you might come across a great find during your travels that might be worth something of value.

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