Hoarder House Outdoor Clean-up: Before & After Photos

Date: Photos taken in August 2014

John attacked the next shrub on the right face of the house and finished it the following day. (Sunlight floods the house so the shrubs grew wild.)


IMGP2187An old plastic patio chair was in partial view under the shrub along with buckets against the house and under the living room window.

IMGP2191The front shrub looking west. The tall tree to the left is dead and needs to be taken down soon. We have to get a tree climber– it’s too dangerous for John to climb.

IMGP2217Exhausted! The buckets under the window are now exposed.

IMGP2220Now the truck needs to be loaded with the branches and taken to a commercial mulch/recycling center 7 miles away.

IMGP2223John used his Stihl 046 chainsaw on the shrubs and to cut down the skinny tree to the right. Once they were gone, the house was exposed. People started to wonder about the activity and now exposed hoarded items.

Note: When Bill bought the house in 1985 from the original owner, he was told the brick to build the house was recycled. The owner had the choice of choosing new or old. I like old brick and I also like the touch of white throughout the exterior. The white breaks up the red just enough.


IMGP2224IMGP2222IMGP2226The stumps were yanked out with the truck. After the renovation, I plan to plant azaleas here along with other flowering shrubs. (Look at the weeds growing out of the rotted gutters.)


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