The Hoard in the Garage

When: Mid-August 2014

It was now mid-August. Bill came over and gave John a key to the house. Since it was still summer, we wanted to continue with getting as much outdoor work done before cold weather hit. We asked Bill, “What’s in the garage.” He said, “It’s full.” I said, “Full of what?” “Well, there’s a lot of wood and other stuff.”

The door to the garage was locked. Bill had rigged up a wiring system to open the door. He put a jumper wire on the inside switch that opens it. That switch was inaccessible due to the fact that the floor to ceiling hoard inside blocked it. As the three of us stood outside, Bill touched two wires together which acted in the same way as pushing the button inside. He also didn’t have the door opener gadget that is kept in a car. Since he hasn’t driven in years, I’m sure it got buried somewhere in the hoard.

Phone photos 171When the door rolled up, we saw 45 sheets of 5/8″ plywood stacked like matchsticks, old, musty rolled carpeting, scrap wood shoved in like toothpicks along with a myriad of other items such as shovels, tools and large, heavy oak  pallets to keep the hoard off the concrete floor.

I took this photo after we had taken a few things out of the front so that John could stick his ladder at the opening.

We wanted to get a dumpster to haul out the garage. Bill said, “No, wait on getting the dumpster, my friend Gary, wants the plywood.” He also said he wanted to go through everything so that he could “give away” things of value.

We had to put the dumpster on hold until Gary came over to look at the plywood.


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