First Blosenski Dumpster Delivered-Garage Cleanout

When: October 2014

After seeing the contents of the garage in mid-August and waiting for Bill’s friend(s) to come over to take wood and pick around for things to take, we ordered our first 30 yard dumpster from AJ Blosenski, a local garbage removal company. It was now mid-October and we were excited to finally be able to haul stuff out and free up space in the garage.

Phone photos 203Due to our unusual circumstances, Blosenski was accommodating and flexible with making arrangements for a 21-day rental. The standard on-site rental period is 7 days. This helped us out tremendously. While John literally crawled his way through a tightly packed garage, Bill sat in his chair watching to make sure nothing of “value” was thrown out. Bill placed many things to the side to keep for his storage units. At this agonizing slow rate, it would have been impossible to empty the garage in 7 days.

In order to get all of the thrown out contents in the dumpster, John packed it as tightly and efficiently as Bill had packed the garage. The dumpster was heavy and it wasn’t surprising that there was an overweight charge. We expected that would occur with every dumpster that we rented.

After cleaning out the garage, it was amazing to actually have clutter-free open space to walk. But it wasn’t long before Bill filled the garage back up with heavy boxes of paper (magazines, catalogs, newsletters). The garage was then used as a staging area for Bill to go through each box of paper. He would sit in his chair in the dead of winter and go through every piece of paper.

The next thing on the list for John and I to do: Go to Maine, rent a truck and move all of our things out of our storage unit and into the storage container that we rented and placed in the driveway.

Meanwhile, it was now leaf-peeping season and the maple tree on the eastside of the house was ablaze in crimson leaves.

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