More Assorted Junk in the Backyard

IMGP2769These oxygen-looking bottles were found buried in the back yard. We have absolutely no idea what they are (maybe someone can comment). It looks like they belong in a hospital.

IMGP2777Fuel containers were jammed underneath the deck at the back of the house. The blue containers are full with diesel.

IMGP2755A lot of keyboards, a random blue utensil tray and a small fish tank.

IMGP2752Popped another lid and found loads of chart paper.

IMGP2770I have no idea what any of this is…

IMGP2657Soaking wet and in a bin…

IMGP2771Here are two shallow containers without lids…mucky and murky.

IMGP2764We found this in the backyard and opened it. It was packed with something but I forget what the contents were–possibly wire or cords.

IMGP2774Something old…

IMGP2636Miscellaneous items dumped from a bin into a barrel.

I can go on forever with photos but it might be overwhelming for some of you. By now, you all have a firm grasp of the magnitude of “stuff.”


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