Uncovering the Back Door at Brick House 319

For months, John and I had no idea that there was a back door in the dining area off of the small kitchen. It was so tightly packed with the hoard that it was impossible to know what was behind all of it. When we were outside, we couldn’t  see the back door because the back deck was tightly packed with large objects and covered with a tarp (to the left of the bunker).

One day, back in November, I asked Bill, what is behind all of this? He said, “There’s a back door.” I said, “You’re kidding.” He said, “It leads to the deck.” I thought, “What deck?”

In November, when John began the Herculean job of clawing his way through the hoard in the dining/living room area, he started at the back wall. After removing mounds of boxes and electronics, he discovered it.

Phone photos 284We saw the door but couldn’t access it yet. When we finally reached it, we couldn’t open the second exterior door because it opened out and was blocked by the deck hoard.

Phone photos 302

In late November, John removed the hoard off the deck and discovered the  black exterior wrought-iron door with pretty scroll work. It was a treat to now have natural light streaming through the door (along with the small kitchen window).

The entire brick wall in the above photo will be knocked out. This is where the 18×18 new kitchen addition will be built. From inside, it will be an open living space leading a couple of steps down into the kitchen. We are now in the process of getting bids from framers to frame out the addition and frame out the lower roof on the house (we will be raising it).

Phone photos 893

And, finally, the wrought iron door could finally be accessed, opened and walked through to get in and out. Since this wall will be knocked down, we plan to install the wrought-iron door somewhere else–possibly leading to the patio where the bunker is now.



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    1. We have the door in storage. I’m thinking of getting a piece of glass to place over it and use it as a table. I think a blog follower suggested that idea awhile ago.

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