I’m so glad I didn’t get my hopes up with a cable TV show

A lot of my followers have commented that our story should be a book, a TV show, an e-book, etc. Well, now I can tell you we were approached by a film production company in NYC which produces DIY cable TV shows. I was approached the very first day that I published my first post on Huffington.

A producer e-mailed me and asked me to call him. I called and we spoke for the better part of an hour. After we hung up, he had someone from his development team call me to set up a “Skype interview” with both John and I for the following week. We did the hour-long Skype call. This was actually the first time John took off from working at the house in nine months. The person from the development team who interviewed us said she would pass the recorded Skype call on to the “network” and get back to us.

She did get back to us and said the recording didn’t come out well and that the Skype call had to be done again. So the following Monday, we did the second Skype interview. It was another hour-long interview pretty much the same as the previous interview. She said she would get back to us by the end of the week. Well, two weeks passed and we heard nothing. What about a courtesy e-mail? This morning, I emailed her to follow up and asked if anything had been decided. After all, renovation will start next week with the demo of the bunker.

She replied, that she was on vacation last week and that they are passing on this potential project.

If I hadn’t followed up, would I have gotten a courtesy email? She was on vacation last week, but yesterday was Monday.

From the beginning, this is why I didn’t get my hopes up. John did. Now I will go over to Brick House 319 to let him know.

Books, TV shows….easier said than done. I have tons of celebrities on my flights, and believe me, Hollywood is not all that it’s cracked up to be. I’m not the least bit impressed with any of it. But at least I didn’t get my hopes up.

I’m lucky enough to have a very popular blog and I know it. I’ve been writing for YEARS and to have consistent followers and daily hits is a rare thing indeed. But the best part is that I’m in control of the blog.

So, once, again thanks for following, and maybe when I transfer my blog over to a self-hosted site I will be able to make a writer’s meagerly pay through some advertising. We’ll see…

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