The Third Bedroom/Ham Room Clean-out & Demo

The Ham Room fully packed with Bill’s hoard.

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John’s describes The Ham Room:

A narrow path led to the left, where there were thousands of vacuum tubes. They were in small custom cardboard boxes. Each box had about 250 to 300 tubes per box. There were also CRTs that Bill wanted to keep that were 12″ and smaller. A metal desk was against the east side wall and the desk drawers were filled with a multitude of electronics, and heavy old tape dispensers from the 1960s. Above the desk Bill had shelving all around the walls and up to the ceiling filled with about fifty old Dumont, Hammerlind and General Electric old radios. They were packed up and placed in The Book Room, which was used as a staging area.

When Bill moved out of the house four years ago, he took all of his Ham radio equipment with him.

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By the time this photo was taken, the room was packed up, and Elvis, Marlon, Marilyn and James looked out at us.

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In addition to the stairs leading to the attic, the Ham Room had a small access door.

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On all of the exterior walls in the house, there were 3/4″ nailing strips 2″ in width. Back in 1955, they installed quasi insulation on the nailing strips, and it really had minimal R-value. There weren’t  2×4 exterior walls, which is what we’ll install for our insulation.

  PHOTO: Standing in the same spot as the first photo with the hoard packed up.

Photo folio 146

Below is the AFTER DEMO PHOTO:

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The pink tile from the hall bathroom tub enclosure was placed in The Ham Room. The wall to the left, where the desk was located was taken out– I then walked downstairs and took the below photo from the front door/living room area, looking into the Ham Room through the knocked out wall. You can also see through to the second bedroom (Book Room).

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