Living/Dining Room Gutted at Brick House 319

When: March 2015


Photo folio 065

Walking in the front door…

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Standing in the same spot as the above photo with the wall hoard blocking the living/dining room. The small kitchen is straight ahead and to the right is the open living/dining room. The fireplace is to the right. The stairs to the second floor bedrooms is on the left. The avocado wall-to-wall carpeting is about to be removed.

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The fireplace…

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John cut out all the baseboard heating in the house which is 3/4″ copper.  We’re going to install duct work for heat and air for the new forced air furnace. We haven’t yet decided on whether it will be Trane, Carrier, Lennox, American Standard or York. We’re getting HVAC estimates for which unit is best for Brick House 319. We’re looking for the highest efficiency unit which will pay dividends for years down the road.

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Standing in front of the fireplace looking at the front door to the left and the wall in front of me (the stairs leading to the bedrooms is on the right). The kitchen is to the right.

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The same wall knocked out and looking into the Ham Room above, and below, a room downstairs on the garage level. This is the room that has the two windows to the right of the garage (when facing the house).

Phone photos 895Phone photos 788Looking down from the living room into the lower level room. The bannister on the right leads down to the basement.

Phone photos 756Phone photos 822The back living/dining room wall in this photo will be knocked down and an 18×18 kitchen addition will be built with a master bedroom on the second floor. To the left of the addition will be a sunken walled-in patio (2 steps down), where the bunker is located now. When John knocks the wall down, we’ll save the bricks for the mason who will need to raise the chimney. The roof will be raised with a new Dutch design with a shed dormer on the east side of the house (to the right in this photo). The ceiling in this photo will be vaulted and it will be one large open floor plan.





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