The Mason is Locked in for the Chimney Work


John got three quotes from three different masons on the brick work that needs to be done on the chimney. The work needs to be completed before the framers begin framing out the Gambrel roof. (The chimney needs to be built higher to accommodate the new roof/design.)

We decided on Ron; he actually came over to the house last autumn before we purchased the house. A local business owner recommended him and he actually lives on the same road as Brick House 319. When John met Ron, he found out that Ron went to high school with his sister. Small world!

When we got the house plans in mid-May, John asked Ron to come back over to the house, look at the plans, and measure the chimney. In the meantime, John also called two other masons to come over and give quotes for the job. As most of you, it’s standard procedure to get three price quotes.

The first mason, gave an astronomical price of $8000.00. When John told me this, I almost blew my top. Really??? You must be kidding??? I crossed him right off the list with a BIG, FAT, BLACK MAGIC MARKER.

The second mason came over and he threw out an inflated price of $6400.00. When John told me this, I got out the magic marker again, crossed the name off and crossed my fingers while waiting for Ron to get back to us.

Ron showed up at the house last Friday. He said, “How does $3300.00 sound and that includes the bricks.” John said, “You got the job.”

This is why it ALWAYS pays to get three quotes. For the work that needs to be done on the chimney, $3300.00 is fair and reasonable.


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