Brick House 319’s Migration is Complete!

Brick House 319’s migration was completed this morning. This was not an easy task and I’m ready to pull my hair out.

I had to do the migration so that I can monetize, but I’m not an expert when it comes to hosts, servers and technical computer stuff, and that is why I paid BlueHost to do the actual migration. A few bloggers who cover the topic of blogging told me to go with BlueHost. After making the leap and going with what was recommended, I found out on Saturday from a WordPress expert in New Orleans that BlueHost was not the right choice for MY blog.

The reason: My blog has gotten over 485,000 hits in just two months. The biggest spike day (hits) was 79,000. Another spike day was close to 50,000. Because my blog has such high numbers, the “expert” told me that I should be hosted by a dedicated server. BlueHost is a “shared server.” When I have a spike day, the shared server can crash. When a site crashes, it costs money to get it back up. I should definitely have a dedicated server.

No one at BlueHost told me this and I have found out too late. They should have informed me of this considering the amount of hits that I have.

I lost my last three posts and will re-post them tonight. I will also write a new post with updated news on the progress we’re making in hiring sub contractors, permits and plans. This part is good news.

Stay tuned….

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