Update on Brick House 319 Blog

Today, I can finally resume publishing posts. A lot has happened since I started the blog migration and now I can finally catch up. I will post later today.

I’m still ironing out a few things with the newly migrated blog. I don’t know why subscribers are receiving double posts so I will work on that today.

Also, all of my e-mail subscribers will continue as always to receive email notifications when I publish a new post, but for folks who have followed me on WordPress.com, they will only see posts in their READERS. They won’t receive email notifications UNLESS they also subscribe to my new self-hosted site. This is the reason why I have seen a drop in my WordPress subscribers. So simply subscribe if you’re a WordPress follower.

For some reason my stats (hits) is now not appearing on my sidebar. I have to look into this as well. It’s now almost 500,000 hits in two months.

I worked a trip to Mexico yesterday so I can now devote today to bringing my blog up to speed post migration.

-Stay tuned for today’s post about the bunker’s demo

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