Basking in Sunlight: The Future Walled-in Patio

On Thursday, the sun flooded the roofless bunker. With a sigh of relief, Brick House 319 basked in Vitamin C all day.

IMGP3511The roof above with the grass-growing gutters will be replaced. John will tear it off and hire a roofer to install new shingles. The lower roof will be the new design. The brick wall with the back door and window will be torn out for the new kitchen addition.IMGP3499John rented a jack hammer to break up the concrete pad in the roofless bunker. If it rained, it would turn into a swimming pool. A drain will be installed for the patio.

IMGP3566We could also put a sump pump in the corner of the patio below the freezing line, but instead, we decided to have the plumber install a drain with the sump pump in the laundry room.

IMGP3569IMGP3568John has to expose the footing for the building inspector. The surrounding concrete block wall will be taken down to 36″ (code). IMGP3570Chunks of concrete ready to be loaded into John’s truck and taken to the recycling company.

IMGP3552The draftsman designed the patio with two entrances. In this photo, the entrance to the patio will about 3 feet to the right of the jack hammer. When we exit the kitchen addition’s French doors, we’ll make a small U-turn and enter the patio by taking two steps down.

IMGP3573The existing patio entrance–on the west side– will be our second entrance. Notice the two steps that need to be taken to enter the patio (drainage is important.)

IMGP3504The sun is setting. The next day (Friday), John will take the first load of concrete to the recycling company.

IMGP3583When I took this photo, I stood on the deck, which is the future location for the kitchen; the box bay widow will be just about where you see the A/C unit.

IMGP3575From the inside looking at the future box bay window spot. This is also the footing for the kitchen addition.

IMGP3582The block wall will eventually be at a lower level and become a rock wall surrounding the patio.





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