More Work on the Patio Block Wall at Brick House 319

Yesterday, John knocked 3 courses of cement block off the patio wall (from now on I’ll refer to it as the patio wall instead of the bunker). First he used a shale bar to take off the non pressure treated wood (which was not code). Once again, the 30lb sledge hammer came in handy.




IMGP3617IMGP3619We started to envision how the walled-in patio will look down the road with stone on the inside and outside. It’s really going to make the outdoor living space shine.

IMGP3627By lowering the wall, we can now see the top of the back door and window (future laundry room). It’s already looking better.

IMGP3631IMGP3633IMGP3643 The footing is exposed for the building inspector (for the new addition).

IMGP3649Now we can see more of the back of the house–the brick house that was once neglected…No Más!

IMGP3650The rubble from the broken up cement pad is all gone. Now the block will be loaded into the truck and delivered to Main Line Concrete.

IMGP3652John cut up the wood from the roof demo, condensed it and loaded up buckets with all of the debris.

IMGP3653IMGP3654I’m sure Bill will be happy to see that his remaining bins were utilized with the roof debris.

IMGP3657 John found one more red rotary phone buried in a box in the bunker before the demo. I sold the other red phone, but if anyone is interested in buying this one, e-mail me at

The price of the phone is $35 or BO (it needs to be rewired) & $12 shipping.



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