Forthcoming: Arborvitae Screening Hedge

After the new addition is built, we’ll plant arborvitae along the road at the front of the house. This will create a privacy hedge as well as a sound barrier reducing noise from cars and trucks.

IMGP1763This is the arborvitae we planted in front of our house in New Jersey. We lived on a very busy road with high traffic. Zoning would not allow a fence over 4ft high so the arborvitae was the next best thing; it grew tall and wide and was the ideal privacy hedge/screening for us.

Arborvitae thrives in full sun and is deer repellent too. I wish I could remember which cultivar we planted.

I called LP Statile, which is a wholesale nursery in Colts Neck, NJ, where I purchased the arborvitae in 2008. They are going to look up which variety I purchased. At the time, I had a business and had the opportunity to purchase the shrubs wholesale. The salesman told us they were deer repellent and he was correct.



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