Windows, Doors & Chimney Work at Brick House 319


Yesterday, the mason, Ron, arrived to place his scaffolding on the east side of the house. He’s ready to begin working on the chimney but we need the building permit approved before he begins. (The permit that you see in the window is for the demo on the bunker/patio.)

We’re waiting on another plumber’s quote and another framer’s quote. Before we can get the building permit, we need to hire all contractors and submit required paperwork such as business insurance, workman’s comp, and specific plans. It seems to take forever just to get estimates.

Last week, we submitted the existing electrical plan to the township; the new house plans have an electrical plan included for the new addition. We have to do the same for the plumbing and HVAC.


Windows: We’ll install double hung replacement windows on the front left and back of the house. We’ll splurge on Andersen 400 series (wood) windows for the new construction. This will include the French doors in the kitchen and master bedroom. The framer that we hire will measure the existing windows.

We’re deciding on whether or not to choose a Dutch front door and the new garage door needs to be ordered as well.


After Ron is finished raising the chimney, we’ll talk to him about capping it with a decorative design.


I think a Dutch door will be perfect for the back door accessing the patio.


Bill’s friend, Joe, showed up at the house a couple of days ago. I wasn’t there but John said Joe was stunned when he saw the walled-in patio. He actually thought the block wall was new construction until John told him that it was the old bunker block walls.







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