Today I Earned My First Advertising Payment @ Brick House 319

I’m a little bit thrilled this morning because my blog has earned it’s very first payment of $30 for a sponsored link. I have been approached by several companies and businesses with potential advertising opportunities and I have rejected several of them. I’m very selective in  which companies I choose to collaborate with. When I do collaborate with a company, I will disclose it per FTC Guidelines at the bottom of the post. It won’t be buried way at the bottom in tiny, tiny print hoping it will go unnoticed. It’s all on the up and up.

So far, I have only earned the aforementioned $30 but I hope to earn more. I’m working on my Google AdSense account this morning–very soon ads will be popping up on my blog. If you click on an ad and purchase something, I will receive a very small percentage of the sale. Most companies offer a 5% to 10% commission, but if enough people make purchases after they click through, it adds up to a small chunk of change at the end of the month– probably just enough to cover the costs of operating my blog, covering shipping for my product giveaways, etc.

At 1:00AM this morning, I turned down a company that wanted to advertise a 300×250 placement ad on my blog. The fee for this size ad is $150.00 per month. However, the marketing person made an attempt at lowering my fee to $120.00. I said, “No.” The fees I have set for placement ads are not open for negotiation. I would rather have zero ads than sell myself short. This particular ad would have been placed in a prime spot at the top of my blog. However, I had NEVER heard of the company, and when the marketing person tried to negotiate my fee,  I became leery, so I started to do a little research. The fact that there wasn’t an address on the website was the first red flag. I dug deep to find an address to no avail. The marketing person was communicating with me during strange hours so I had to assume the company was based half way around the world. I found a couple of online reviews, and sure enough, I discovered the company is based in China. I immediately crossed it off my list of potential advertisers. With multiple emails going back and forth, sending screen shots and doing research on the company, it added up to about 2 hours of my time. It was fruitless but well worth not getting involved with.

Speaking of China, we’ve been there a few times…

Hong Kong 040

In Hong Kong, in the middle of the night, not too long after we landed…dirty streets, extreme humidity and tons of people.

Hong Kong 054

Lots of neon…

Hong Kong 086

The smog at noon…seriously, wear a mask.

Hong Kong 187

There’s a small window of time when it’s clear enough to capture the skyline and then the inevitable smog takes over again…





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