Finishing Old Master Bath Subfloor

Yesterday,  John continued working on the subfloor. The shower pan for Bill’s (previous owner) master bedroom is directly above the patio/courtyard door in the photo below. The middle joist was cut to allow the drain for the shower pan to be installed. John doubled up the left single joist and doubled up the right single joist


John is going to finish boxing out this area today so that the plumber has full access for the new PVC drain.

The 200 amp existing service will be moved to the NW corner of the house. When this is done, the new service will be installed in the garage. The two panels in this photo will be cut out and removed.



All the joists in the house are literally inserted in the masonry wall (this is above the back door to the patio.)


John made this new insert to frame out the area.



These are the joists over the windows at the front of the house (in bonus room across from back door) showing how the joists are inserted in the masonry. Back in 1954, the masonry labor was obviously much cheaper where they could do detailed, labor intensive touches/work such as this.


Looking into the future mudroom with the back door leading out to the patio/courtyard. The stairs to the right lead to the living room. To the left of John is the garage entrance.


Here is Bill’s pool of wire that was upstairs which John cut free yesterday; he’ll take it to the recycling company and receive a little cash for the copper. It cost $90 per week to fill John’s gas guzzling Dodge pick up truck. I hope to make enough from my Google Adsense ads to at least cover the fuel cost plus our daily coffee habit.



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