“I Love Your Sink!”

When we put our previous house on the market two years ago, everyone who looked at it said the same thing, “I love your sink.” So did I…I loved the sink that John installed in the basement for me.


It was a 3 x 2 ft commercial grade, heavy duty plastic sink that was 12 inches deep. In 2007, I had started a florist business which I operated out of our basement. I had landed the in-house floral designer position at Johnson & Johnson’s Consumer Products headquarters in Skillman, NJ (next to Princeton). It was pure fun creating flowers for all of their lobbies on a weekly basis. I also designed floral arrangements for events and delivered floral bouquets to their employees for special occasions. They called me the “Flower Girl.”

With my airline work schedule, I was able to hold down my floral job at Johnson & Johnson too. But when the economy plummeted, Johnson & Johnson couldn’t have luxurious floral arrangements on display so I was given notice that the company would substitute plants for flowers. As they say, all good things come to an end. At least I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to have creative license in creating floral designs for two years.

I used the money I made from my first few paychecks to pay for the material for John to turn one side of the basement into my workshop/work station.

Of course, working with flowers, I needed a large, deep sink. This size sink was also ideal for John to clean his paint brushes and for baths for our two small dogs.

Because of the versatility in having such a large sink, I have my heart set on a farmhouse, apron-style sink for the kitchen. And for the basement, I’ll get another sink just like the one we used to have.


John built a wall and boxed out the basement windows so that the sill was deep. He used 3/4″ plywood for my counters and applied a couple coats of varnish. For a nice finishing touch, he added trim. For the walls, I wanted something whimsical so John painted bold purple stripes.

Since we had installed a French drain, we never had to worry about a flood. Our sump pump was to the right of the washing machine.

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