Andirons Uncovered at Brick House 319

About a week ago, John decided to take down the brass 1970s/1980s fireplace screen. I’m assuming it’s from either decade because in the late 70s my parents had the identical screen with glass panels. In fact, I remember when they bought it. Below is a series of fireplace photos from when it was initially unveiled from the hoard to now. For my followers from the beginning, it’s a photo series refresher and for those of you new to following my blog, it will bring you up to speed. Phone photos 276

The unveiled fireplace in January.

Phone photos 729

The hoard was completely gone from the living/dining room in February. John removed the mantel that had been broken from the weight of the hoard.

Phone photos 730

In early March, John gutted the living room and removed the molding/trim around the fireplace but he left the brass screen and never opened it.

Phone photos 786

You can still see the 1960s avocado wall-to-wall carpeting in the living room before John ripped it up.

Phone photos 813

And then the carpet was removed…

Phone photos 817

And then the wood floor was removed and the subfloor exposed (and remains).


And then, the other day, when I pulled into the driveway, I saw the brass fireplace screen leaning up against the storage container. As I passed it, it once again and in a fleeting moment, brought me back to a previous decade, and sitting in front of the same exact screen, while watching Donny & Marie in their short-lived variety show. If you’re interested, I wrote an article about seeing Donny & Marie in Las Vegas. Click here to read, and no, I don’t make any money if you click the link.


I walked through the front door and said, “Oh my God, andirons were in there all along?” “And all of that time we didn’t even know it.” John said, “Aren’t they cool.” I said, Yes, they’re really cool, look at the scrollwork!”


As you can see, they were originally painted black. When we clean them, I’m wondering if we should put a fresh coat of paint on them or if we should leave them as they are?  Regardless, they’re pretty, they’re heavy, they’re sturdy and we like them.

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