Removing Aluminum Trim & There’s a Bat in Brick House 319

In preparation for taking the roof off, John removed all of the aluminum trim on the house. Bill had a “bender,” and years ago,  he installed the aluminum over the wood trim. After John got it all off, he placed it in a pile to take to the recycling yard.

In the meantime, a bat got into the house through the open back door. I walked in the house yesterday and I heard a cricket-like sound. I thought to myself that doesn’t sound like a bird. Also, a bird would  more than likely be flying around trying to get out. Instead, the bat (or possibly two) was hiding up in the ceiling and probably hanging out (pun intended).

John walked in from outside and I said, “Do you hear that?” He said, “Yeah, a bird got in here.” I replied, “I don’t think it’s a bird, I’m pretty sure it’s a bat!” “And I think there might be two because I hear the sound in two locations.”

John said, “And what is your experience with bats?”

Response: “Enough to know it’s not a bird!”

The one thing that we don’t have is a fish net or a butterfly net. I’ll have to buy one today.







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