Loading the Truck Four Times with Block & Recycling

Yesterday, John loaded his truck three times with the block wall rubble and took it down to the recycling place (which is the same place that sells pavers and stone for patio and landscaping design). There are several places like this in our area.


By the time I got to the house, John was loading the truck with his third load. The easiest way for him to do this back-breaking work is by placing the heavy duty recycling bucket horizontally on the ground and while leaning over, grabbing pieces fairly fast while shuffling them in. Bigger pieces were thrown directly into the back of the truck.


This looks like fun, doesn’t it? After filling the bucket about half way, John has to lug the damn thing into the truck. This does take some brute strength, so unless you’re in tip top physical shape, don’t even attempt it. This is the fifth and last bucket for this load (1.83 ton).


The price to recycle three truck loads of block with a grand total of 5 tons yesterday was $101.50 plus fuel in his truck for three round trips ($30). It’s a gas guzzling truck.


John returned to load up a fourth and last load for a Saturday morning run to the recycling place.


We are so happy the wall was taken down. Every time we say it, we think of Ronald Reagan. Which reminds me, years ago, his son, Michael was on one of my flights from JFK to LAX–what a class act, down to earth, nice guy. Normally, I don’t mention the people I have on my flights, but a few stand out, and he’s one of them.

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