Hiring an HVAC Contractor on the Main Line

Deciding on which HVAC contractor/business to hire has been actually a little stressful. There is so much to consider when having a furnace and condenser installed along with ductwork.

We have to take into account the size of the house–a tri-level layout with a two-story addition on the back. We have to consider the unit size, and whether to choose a modulating or variable speed furnace. We have to decide on a single-stage or two-stage condenser and whether it should be 3.5 or 4-ton. We have to decide on a one or two zone thermostat. We have to decide on a BRAND and BTU. We have to decide on whether its worth spending more money for a top-tier brand. We have to consider the fact that we are told that Trane is the same as American Standard and Carrier is the same as Bryant. We have to decide if a Trane condenser comes with a Trane coil or an Aspen coil.

We have to consider the quality of the ductwork installation–it has to be done correctly for everything to operate efficiently.

We know for a fact we want Trane and we feel it’s warranted to pay extra for it.

So today is the day that we will decide on which HVAC contractor to hire. We narrowed it down to two. We like both of them so it’s a difficult choice. But we absolutely have to decide today.

Once we decide, the HVAC business will submit the appropriate paperwork to the township and we will then be given our building permit. All contractors that we have hired need all of their paperwork submitted to the township before we are issued our building permit. With the exception of the HVAC, all the sub contractors we hired submitted their paperwork weeks ago.

After hours of research, this is the system that we decided on for our tri-level:

Trane 95% 2-stage variable speed gas furnace with single stage A/C-2 Zone (EWC zoning kit) 100,000 BTU.


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