Today I Ordered Spring Flower Bulbs from COLORBLENDS

In early July I received the latest COLORBLENDS catalog in the mail. For spring bulb lovers, it’s page after page of splashy tulip, daffodil and hyacinth photos–as well as other bulbs (alliums, amaryllis, paperwhites & specialty bulbs).

It took me over a month to decide on which spring bulbs to order; there are so many choices and colors to choose from that I would set the catalog down and go back to it weekly and revise or add to my selection.

Here are a couple of tips on ordering for fall planting:

-Place your flower bulb order ASAP–between now and the end of September (selections sell out so ordering early is best). Bulbs will be reserved and delivered in the fall for planting.

-Bulb planting is from the start of fall to the start of winter. (I have planted bulbs as late as December 21st in NJ and it was fine).

Here are a couple of tips on what to look for in bulbs:

-When ordering, ask about bulb size. Larger bulbs are superior and produce more flowers & larger flowers–the bigger the better. (COLORBLENDS is known for their large bulbs.)

-Large daffodil bulbs will produce 2-3 flower stems. With a small bulb, only one flower will bloom. So if you order 100 daffodil bulbs, you’ll get your bang for the buck because the bulbs will produce 200 to 300 flowers for people to admire. Talk about curb appeal!

A Tulip Fact: To this day, there is no such thing as a black tulip or a blue tulip. If you think a tulip is black, it’s actually “eggplant.”  Blue tulips are actually purple or a shade of violet.

Tulips provide daily entertainment because colors and heights usually change on a daily basis. Did you know if you cut them and place them in a vase of water, they continue to grow?

And remember when planting daffodils and tulips, plant the bulbs close together for visual impact. In Holland, they plant bulbs in dense waves and it’s visually stunning.

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