Leveling the 18×18 Footing and Adding Forms

John returned the Bobcat yesterday morning at 7am. He got a worker for the day and they went back to Brick House 319 to shovel the remaining dirt out of the footing and leveling it for the concrete pour.


They spent all day working on the footing using shovels, pick axes, shale bars and levels. John also had a contractor friend, Steve, who came over to assist. He measured diagonally to make sure the footing was perfectly square.


After it was made square and level, John and Steve placed forms in the trench to channel the concrete. By using forms, less concrete is used resulting in saving money; it also makes it easier to level the footing, otherwise you’d be doing it by eye.

In the above photo, the concrete will be poured on the left. To the right of the board, backfill is added. When the concrete sets, a shale bar is inserted between the concrete footing and the 1 x 12 and taken off. The mason then builds his foundation walls with block.


John used his circular saw to make 16″ wood spikes to reinforce the 1×12 so the concrete doesn’t break the form. He placed them vertically and horizontally to brace it. If not, the form could break from the sheer weight of the concrete. Steve taught John this trick of the trade.

IMGP5152 IMGP5151

John dug the footing 36″ below grade with the back ho and then set up the forms which are 16″ wide and 11 1/2″ deep.





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