Today: Adding #4 Rebar to the Footing


Rebar is not required for our footing, it’s not code, it’s not in the architectural plans, but John thought that for the nominal cost, it would be advantageous to incorporate it into the footing.

John purchased 90 feet of #4 Rebar. He also purchased 10 hangars which suspend the Rebar off the dirt by approximately 3 inches in order to wire it together. (They sell Rebar in 20 foot lengths but it was sold out–less joints, less wiring.)


John is joining the 10 foot pieces of Rebar with wire.


I took this photo prior to John pulling the left and right Rebar toward the center and placing both on hangars.


Where Rebar crosses, it has to be wired tightly.


About to be wired…


The cost of the Rebar, hangars and wire was $67.00.



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