We Drove by a Hardieshingle 3-car Garage on the Main Line

Over the weekend, John and I jumped in the truck and drove down a pretty one-way road that he used to walk along when he was growing up. We like the architecture of the homes on the road, where he had a friend who lived in one way back when.

The last house on the left had a very pretty 3-car garage built over the summer with three dormers. The house was probably built around 1910.

The garage was fairly close to the road and I said, “Look at the pretty shakes.” It’s a shady road and I actually did a double take looking at the shakes. They were too perfect, but even so, very pretty. I said to John, “What do you think, is that the real thing or do you think it’s Hardie?” John actually thought the shakes were the real McCoy. Hmmmmmmmm…..

I can always tell the difference. It’s sort of like when someone has a nose job. If a nose is too perfect, it’s more than likely not the nose the person started out with. Regardless, it might look good, even if it is too perfect. And this was the case with this particular Hardieshingle garage. It looked good. It didn’t have the plastic look that some Hardie Houses have; I’ve seen a few that make me think of a Barbie house.

Yesterday, I drove back to the new garage to take another look. I liked it and it convinced me to get samples of Hardieshingle straight edge panel in Artic White. I went back to Brick House 319 and told John to call for pricing. He was a happy camper because he has been trying to convince me for months about Hardie siding, along with everybody else.

Today, I’ll get samples and try to envision what it will look like with our new construction. Perhaps, we could use wood grain lap siding on the chimney side of the house (east side and west side overlooking the patio) and Hardieshingle straight edge panel on the Dutch-style/gambrel front and back of the house.

Obviously seeing the Hardieshingle has torpedoed my whole plan in getting cedar plank for the house.

Gil, the owner of the framing company also stopped by yesterday. I asked him his opinion and he said to go ahead and get samples. We have time to decide without rushing into anything.

Today, I’ll go back again to the garage and take a photo of it and post it on my blog later in the day.

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