A New House Built with All Hardie Siding on The Main Line

Yesterday, we went to a local building supply company and got a couple of Hardie siding samples. We also looked at shingles for the new roof, and of course, we looked at doors.

We looked at French doors and sliders for the new addition; the salesman is working up a quote. We also looked at a craftsman-style front door.

After we left with Hardie and shingle samples, we drove by the brand new house built over the summer, which I have mentioned in a couple of posts. I call it the “Hardie House,” because the entire house has Hardie lap siding and Harding shingle siding. It looks too perfect.

I prefer old homes with character and history. Of course, there are some new homes that I like just as much but they have wood siding and wood trim.

I drive by this house frequently (it’s right down the road from Brick House 319) but I haven’t been able to get a photo until now. John was driving and I took the photos from the truck’s passenger seat. Take a look:


This lot used to have a dated and run down split-level home (circa 1958-1960ish) which was bulldozed in the late spring. Over the summer, I watched this house being built from the ground up. They just added the stone work and they also started framing another new house next store. I like the windows and the grille design. I also like how the house is elevated above the curvy road.


I think this house is a permanent advertisement for Hardie siding. It took a lot for me to consider fiber cement siding but I think it might work for Brick House 319 because we’re mixing old with new. The fact that the existing part of the house is old brick will add character to the Hardie shingle and lap siding for the new construction.

But when people say, “You can’t tell from the road that it’s fiber cement siding.” YES, you can!!!! Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but I can tell the difference.

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