New Addition Updates at Brick House 319

It’s been busy at the house. I have lots of photos to post tomorrow. I haven’t had  the time the last few days. With many contractors at the house, it’s best to be glued there.

The windows and doors were installed in the new addition. We’ll install the windows and front door in the original part of the house.

If any of my contributing subscribers would like details or have questions on anything related to renovating or building a new addition, send me an email. I can help you save money and hopefully reduce stress!!!

The shingles are in the process of being nailed in with nail guns on the new gambrel roof as well as the new roof on the existing part of the house which John replaced with all new rafters. Remember when the roof was concave with little trees growing out of the ancient gutters? I’ll be posing before and after photos as well.

This week we have to focus on making one of the three bathrooms functional. The plumber told me to have everything for him this week for installation. I know the layout/design for the new master bathroom and original hall bathroom but they’ll require more time with special orders and tiling. It will feel like such a luxury to have plumbing in this house!

This week the heating and cooling work will begin.

The fiber cement siding order will be in very soon and that will be the next project after the shingles are finished on the roof.

Stay tuned for photos…

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