The Roofer Will Finish Today!

At the moment, the roofer is on the roof finishing up the job today.

By the way, if anyone lives on the Main Line or vicinity, and needs a new roof installed, please email me. My roofer will do the job for less money.

I will post photos of our roofing job soon.

How we chose our roofer: Our mason as well as someone else recommended him.

We purchased all the roofing material and supplies. By doing this, it saved us money. Regardless, even with us buying the supplies, roofing material is expensive. Of course the bigger the roof, the more tar paper, WeatherWatch, shingles, ridge cap, drip edge, collated roofing nails, galvanized roofing Fas’ners, step flashing, trim coil, etc.

Our gambrel roof combined with our other roof required 75 bundles of shingles. When they finish the job today, we’ll see if there are any bundles left over. If so, we can return them.

Three bundles of shingles does one square and one square is 10×10. Measure your roof and price the shingles that you would like for your roof.

Timberline has builder grade shingles readily available and HD and Ultra HD for a more defined look which is a special order. To save money purchasing shingles, email me and I’ll tell you where to buy or order them.

Stay tuned for the roofing photos. John took the photos on the roof with my iPhone…remember I’m scared of heights and will never go on a roof!

Another feature I love about a gambrel roof is that we can’t see the shingles. We will only see the shingles on the side hip roof.


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