Feather River French Doors for Kitchen & Master Bedroom

I took the following photos yesterday which was a quintessential autumn day. The brand new roof is finished on the existing part of the house as well as on the new gambrel roof.

We chose Timberline pewter grey dimensional shingles. Another design feature that I like about a gambrel roof is that the shingles can’t be seen. Other than seeing a touch of shingles on the hip roof and leading up on the edge, all the shingles on the top will never to be seen.


As I mentioned in previous posts, all the windows are Andersen (we still have to install them in the existing part of the house). But with the two sets of French doors, I chose Feather River.

Andersen’s French doors were simply too expensive. The quote I received for two sets of Andersen doors was $6400.00. I wouldn’t even consider spending that much money on doors so I went to my favorite salesperson at my local Home Depot, told him what I wanted and my budget, and he suggested Feather River doors. They cost $1000.00 each and I’m perfectly pleased with them. We think it was a great choice.

The $6400 price of the Andersen doors was the price we paid for all the material and labor for the both roofs (tar paper, weathershield, starter shingles, dimensional shingles, step flashing, drip edge, coils, etc.) Both roofs required 75 bundles of shingles.


The only window that we’re still waiting on is the Andersen kitchen casement window. John will install it to the left of the French doors. Due to the size of the header that was installed, the window which we originally ordered was too large. We exchanged it for another size. It’s on order and should be in any day now.


The Feather River doors in the upstairs master bedroom lead out to a small balcony. On the architectural plans, the balcony is a little larger but we were told that it would probably sag in a few years so this balcony size was made with less depth. It’s big enough for two café-style chairs and a little table–a perfect spot for coffee in the morning.


The Feather River doors came with the interior colonial grilles which match the interior grilles on all the windows.

The only other exterior door that we need to get is the back mud room/patio door. We chose Simpson and it’s on order.






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