Delivery: The Amiata Freestanding Tub & Amiata 60 Top Basin Sink

Yesterday, I heard a truck slow down in front of the house. I looked outside and a 26ft North American Van Lines truck came to a stop. I quickly realized that it must be the delivery I’ve been waiting for.

I told John, “The tub is here.”

John told the driver to back up on the front lawn for access to the front door. The driver opened the back of the truck. With the exception of a large box with a smaller box stacked on top, the big truck was empty. The driver brought the tub wrapped in shrink wrap and protected in a box to the hydraulic lift gate and lowered it.

John with another person lifted the 225lb tub into the house.

British brand Victoria & Albert collaborated with Italian designers, Meneghello Paolellini Associates., who created the Amiata freestanding tub made out of volcanic limestone. The smaller box housed the matching Amiata 60 top basin sink and floor mounted tub filler.

Literally, as the truck pulled up, John was in the midst of moving the 2×4 studs (wall) in the upstairs hall bathroom to create more space for the Amiata. It’s all about accommodating the Amiata. After all, the sleek, understated tub will be the focal point of this bathroom.


The Chimney is Finished!

Ronnie, the mason, started the chimney over a month ago. He used old brick to match the existing brick and raised it 11 feet. When he got to the top, he added two band courses which added dimension.

He finished the chimney yesterday and capped  it with bluestone.

It looks beautiful!

image image image image image image image image image image

Taking Out Old Windows & Installing New

On Tuesday and Wednesday, John with the help of two others, took out the old windows and installed the new windows in the brick/old part of the house.


Using a crowbar was necessary in prying out the old aluminum …


A ton of dirt and debris rained upon John…


It always pays to wear a mask…

image image image

The new twin double hung window in the lower level front room…