It’s Brick, It’s Charming & It’s Definitely Intriguing

I have always wondered about this charming little brick building (painted white). John explained many years ago it was home to a real estate agency. But now it doesn’t appear to be any type of business. I drive by it regularly and I never see activity. It’s located in a business district.

imageToday, I pulled into the small parking lot. It happens to be another glorious Indian summer day and the little Hansel & Gretel building was in full sun. The railroad track is right behind it. There’s an odd-looking addition on the west side of the house which needs an added sprinkle of charm. Imagine two chimneys on such a tiny house!


I approached the bay window. You’re not going to believe what I saw through the glass on the mid-century style desk! A light green rotary phone! There wasn’t any sign of present day technology…no computer, no cell phone or portable phone–nothing digital. My eyes swept the front office, I immediately traveled back in time to what it used to be like–before all the technology of today. I’m surprised there wasn’t a manual (not electric) typewriter on the desk next to the rotary phone. It was ironic to see a wall calendar flipped to November 2015.

I looked down at the two small objects in the window…

Stay tuned…








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