The French Drain is Finished


As I mentioned before, John finished the French drain in the basement, and installed the sump pump. The last phase of the job was mixing and pouring the concrete which I wrote about last week. Finally, it’s done and we’ll always have a nice, dry basement.


John lifted the sump pump lid and asked me to try to get a photo of the motor inside. If the power goes out, our generator will kick in and save us from a flood.


On the south side basement wall, the French drain leads upstairs to the French drain in the ground-level room next to the garage and mud room.


You can also see that the plumber, Evan, has been hard at work installing all new plumbing in the house. He started in the basement first (and connected the sump pump).

We’re really happy with the plumbing company we chose. If anyone on the Main Line needs an honest and good plumber, please email me and I’ll pass along the company name to you.

After further discussing it with John, we will finish the entire basement floor with concrete and paint or stain it. We were considering tiling it but reconsidered.


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