Lenova and Duravit Sinks Plus Maytag Appliances

A lot has been happening at Brick House 319. I took a few days off from blogging which is unusual given the fact that I normally post daily. But I’m back on track now and will resume my daily blogging.

On Wednesday, all of our Maytag appliances were delivered. The refrigerator, range, dishwasher, washer & dryer were delivered by JB Hunt. All of the kitchen appliances were moved into the kitchen and the washer and dryer were moved into the basement where the laundry room will be located.

The made-in-Italy LENOVA farmhouse style kitchen sink was delivered too. I can’t wait to see this beautiful sink installed. The faucet for it will be delivered in early December.

We have three bathrooms and the smallest bathroom which is in one of the original bedrooms is small; it’s 6′ x 6′ with a 36″ shower. The bathroom was actually smaller but when John built the 2×4 wall, he bumped it out 16″ so that we could accommodate a 36″ shower. Originally, it had a 32″ shower which is too small. Due to the limited space, we had to order a wall-mounted sink under 15″ wide (from the back of the sink to the front). It was not easy finding such a small sink but I finally found a Duravit wall mounted sink that is 14″ 1/8 wide (Stark 3 model).

About the bay window: Home Depot ordered the hangar for it which only took a couple of days to be delivered. John will install it and then frame out a small roof above the window. At the moment, the top of the window is covered with a tarp. (On Thursday, it rained all day.)

On Monday, Dale, the electrician arrived at the house at 7AM. I spent three hours with him going from room to room discussing high hats, switches and outlets. He marked everything out on the studs with a black magic marker. He said to wire each room for a ceiling fan. If we don’t get all of the fans for all the rooms immediately, the wires will be covered with a plate until they’re ready to be hooked up..

To save on electrician labor costs, John is drilling all the holes in the 2x4s and 2x6s in order to run all the wire. As a matter of fact, John spent all day today drilling the holes. The one tool he doesn’t have is a right angle drill which would be ideal for this job. Instead, he’s using a 1/2″ heavy duty Milwaukee corded drill with a 3/4″ spade bit. It’s harder to use this type drill but he got the job done with it. Since John doesn’t do electrical work (except on our previous house and this house), he never had a need for a right angle drill. I was at Home Depot tonight and looked at one but the expense isn’t warranted. He’s almost finished drilling anyway.

We also got two quotes from drywall businesses. Unfortunately, this was the ONE thing I didn’t factor into the renovation budget. Since this is a top to bottom renovation along with new construction, I blanked out on drywall. I may have thought John would do it but it’s not an easy job. Someone just said to him the other day that he looks exhausted. At our previous house, John and I did the drywall in our kitchen and it was hard. I can’t imagine doing drywall for an entire house. The first drywall quote was $10,000 and the second quote was $10,800 for 2830 square feet. Uh oh….it looks like John will be doing it after all. (Has anyone ever heard about crowd funding for renovation work?)

These are just a few updates. I’m working on the post about the house John grew up in. I just have to get him to sit still long enough to get some quotes from him.






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