I’m Learning about Single & 3-way Diverters


Yesterday, I went to US Supply Plumbing where plumbers go to buy their supplies. I had to buy a single diverter for the bathroom in the guest bedroom. I took this photo of the single diverter (valve) on top of the Moen trim kit.

We want the guest bedroom bathroom to be finished first because the other two bathrooms will be high end requiring special orders and design decisions.

Our plumber, Evan, told me to get a single diverter since the water will be coming out a handheld shower head.

When you buy a diverter, you need to know which trim kit you’ll be using because the diverter has to match the trim kit. So if you want Kohler, you’ll need a Kohler diverter.

If you go high end and choose Rohl, many plumbing supply businesses need to special order Rohl Diverters. They don’t keep them in stock due to the fact that only a small percentage of people buy top of the line high end brands. Remember, if you want Rohl, then you’ll need a Rohl diverter. Plan ahead since it can take 4 to 5 weeks to get the diverter which more than likely would be ordered at the same time as the trim kit and shower head, etc.

I’ll explain a little more in my next post, because today, I went back to another US Supply and visited the showroom next store. I purchased a 3-way Kohl diverter for the master bathroom. I need a 3-way because I’ll have a rain head shower installed in the ceiling, plus a handheld shower head and two handles.

It can get a little confusing and that’s why it’s beneficial to make an appointment at a plumbing supply showroom where the salesperson will discuss brands, lines within each brand, trim kits and budget.

More later…

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