I Love Our Chimney

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We were so lucky to find a great mason (Ronnie at Conestoga Masonry) to do amazing work on our chimney. He raised it almost 12 feet with old brick, created four piers and capped it with bluestone. If anyone on the Main Line needs a mason, I highly recommend them.

When it comes time to do the walkway leading to the front door and the patio, we know who to call.


Photos Taken from Scaffolding in Vaulted Room

When John was on the scaffolding, he took a few photos.

Tony, one of our HVAC guys, was looking up from the living room floor. The ladder is leaning on the new two story wing. The half flight of stairs behind the ladder lead to the old part of the house with the three bedrooms. To the right of the stairs is another set of stairs which were the original stairs to the attic; they are now the stairs to the new wing (2nd story addition) where the new master bedroom and bath are located.



John is looking directly down at the chimney hearth. This is what the chimney looks like inside the house. Soon sheet rock (drywall) will cover it.


From the scaffolding, John took a photo of the new 2nd story wing. First is the full master bath, second, is the walk-in closet, and third, the master bedroom with French doors overlooking the backyard.


A close-up look at the collar ties in the vaulted ceiling.


Installing 6″ High Hats in Vaulted Ceiling @ Brick House 319


Today, John set up the scaffolding in the living room and installed six 6″ high hats in the 20ft vaulted living room ceiling. Recessed lighting will be in every room throughout the house.


Is John high up or what? Ronnie, the mason, loaned us his scaffolding which he used to do our chimney. It made me nervous seeing John so high up.



Five down and one to go…

And just past John, at the inside front of the house, he has to add fire blocking.


The ceiling on the east side (fireplace side) is larger than the west side ceiling; this is because the west side ceiling meets existing part of the house.


Measuring for the last one…


A Visit to LAVISH and Buying a 3-Way Diverter for the Master Bathroom


Photo: Kohler 3-way Diverter installed in Master Bath (Yesterday).

Yesterday, I visited the Lavish showroom in Ardmore (eastern Main Line) to browse around looking at shower fixtures for the new master bath. Coincidentally, I ran smack into the master plumber, Jim, who works at Home Depot. When I was at Home Depot the day  before, he told me to go to US Supply for the single and 3-way diverters. He also suggested I go to the Lavish showroom. First I went to the US Supply plumbing warehouse in Conshohoken, where the plumbers go to get supplies. I bought the Moen trim kit with the single Posi-temp single valve diverter (for the guest bedroom bath). With Moen, you can also buy a Moentrol diverter and this is where it can get a little confusing to a customer buying plumbing supplies. It just happens that Moen has a choice between Posi-temp and Moentrol diverters. With other brands, the diverter is their name brand ( i.e Grohe trim kit with Grohe diverter, etc).

 And then yesterday, I went to the Lavish showroom, where US Supply has another supply warehouse (in Ardmore).

I’m so glad Jim suggested I visit Lavish. I walked in and had the whole place to  myself–other than Jim who was on his way out. Before he left, he gave me some pointers and directed me to various showerheads and trim kits. He also showed me his favorite Moen motion detector kitchen faucet. The water was hooked up to it so we had fun with having it magically turn on and off with our hand motions.

Before Jim left, he also showed me where Lavish has a shower display where customers can turn on a variety of showerheads and watch the water stream out.

Jim left and I had the whole place to  myself. Melody who works behind the front desk came over and asked if I needed any help. At first I just wanted to look around and after doing so, I did ask her for her help, and BOY, was she a big help! In a nutshell, Melody gave me a crash course in PLUMBING 101.


When I told Melody I was there to buy a 3-way diverter (next store), she explained to me there’s more to it than just buying a 3-way diverter. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, when purchasing the diverter, you need to know which brand trim kit you’ll be using. The trim kit is the shower or tub control IN FRONT of the diverter/valve. It’s the handle turning on the water and controlling temperature.

I decided on Kohler because they have such a huge selection of showerheads and offer a high end line, a middle of the road line and below. I made an appointment in early December with Melody to go over my unlimited Kohler shower options. I know I want a traditional-style rainhead for the shower ceiling along with a handheld showerhead on a bar (in chrome). With that information along with my budget, she can narrow it down to a variety of options.

I then went next store to US Supply, bought the 3-way diverter along with a pressure balance valve for the master bath shower (I’ll actually have two handles on the shower wall). While I was at it I bought a pop up assembly for the wall-mounted sink in the guest bedroom bathroom.

I returned  back to the house and handed all three to our plumbers (Evan and John) and they installed the 3-way Kohler diverter.