HVAC Duct Work is Finished & My Thoughts on Drywall

On Monday,  Tony and Dave, our HVAC guys finished all the duct work in the house. It looks great. Once plumbing is finished, the furnace and water heater will be installed.

In the meantime, we have gotten a preliminary quote on buying 200 sheets of drywall (sheet rock). The cost $1789.00 (including tax). We’re guesstimating the amount of sheets that we’ll need so we’re not sure at this point if we’ll need more. Usually, as with everything with renovating, we’ll need more. Everything always costs more than what we originally thought due to purchasing more material.

We’re not hiring someone to do the drywall. We would love to because they would get the job done quickly and expertly. Several people have recommended a drywall business and they have all said he’s the best in the area. We got a quote from him and we just can’t hire him. As with everything, it’s the labor that comes at a premium price.

John and I will have to do the drywall ourselves. It’s going to be a killer of a job but that’s just the way it is. So when people say, “Just hire someone to do it.” That’s easy for people to say because they’re not pulling almost $11,000 out of their pocket to pay for it. We have already paid for the new construction, plumbing, HVAC, electrician, masonry, rental equipment and all of the material for every inch of the house right down to buying diverters for showers. Windows, doors….and then some. And in the beginning, we paid to haul the hoard out in dumpsters and rental moving trucks as well as paying occasional day laborers to help John.

All along, we never thought we would hire someone for installing drywall anyway. John had said all along he would do it. It was only when contractors who were at the house started saying, “Just hire someone, it’s a big job and it will take you forever.” I’m sure it will take forever but that’s the way it has to be. After we hang it, we’ll hire someone to do the taping, mud and sanding and that will be costly as people don’t come cheap, especially if they’re good and trustworthy.


Tony & Dave on their way out the door after finishing the duct work installation.


Photo taken from the lower level mudroom at duct work in living room.


Standing in living room looking at duct work. The mudroom is below.


Duct work on bedroom level. 



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