Wi-fi Thermostat, Electrical Inspection & Insulation

Waiting for the wi fi thermostats…

imageI can’t  wait to see the wi-fi thermostats installed. We’ll have two zones; this thermostat  is in the new master bedroom hallway and the other thermostat will be downstairs.

HVAC will return on Monday to do the duct work for the furnace. It has to be bent at their shop and brought over.

The furnace will be installed soon which is very exciting!

Dale, the electrician, was at the house yesterday and we’ll return today to check on John’s work and place wire nuts in all the outlets. By the end of today, ninety percent of the electrical will be completed.

We can then call for the electrical inspection. Once we pass, we can insulate.

We’re looking forward to insulating so we can turn the new furnace on.

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