Using R-15, R-19, R-30 & R-38 Insulation

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We’re immersed in bundles of pink insulation which will soon make us warm and cozy.

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R-38 insulation is required by code in flat 8 ft ceilings.


R-19 insulation is for the 2×6 walls in the new addition. R-30 insulation is for 2×10 roof rafters with the rafter vents. R-15 is for 2×4 walls–an upgrade from the minimum required R-13 with a better R-value. Since we have an extra inch in each 2×4 bay, it allowed us to bump up to R-15.


Yesterday, John started insulating upstairs in the new 2-story addition, where the master bedroom is located. First, he put attic rafter vents in each ceiling bay followed by R-30 insulation for the vaulted ceiling.

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Today, John will begin insulating the 20ft high vaulted ceiling in the living room using the scaffolding which our mason loaned us.

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