WhisperWarm, WhisperValue & WhisperFitEZ Panasonic Fans for the Bathrooms


Panasonic WhisperValue and WhisperFitEZ fans for the hall bath, guest bath and water closet

Panasonic is the Lexus of bathroom fans. Awhile ago, I wrote about purchasing bathroom fans at a big box store, and when I did, several blog followers commented and emailed suggesting that I should get Panasonic bathroom fans. They had Panasonic and raved about them. Our plumber also said that he purchases Panasonic fans for clients. And another blog follower commented that I should get a “heated” Panasonic fan for the master bath as it is a real treat to have during the winter. I was convinced and I wanted Panasonic for Brick House 319.

I approached Panasonic and asked if they would be interested in donating the product for our two bathroom renovations and new master bath construction, including a water closet. A few weeks ago, all four fans arrived at my doorstep.

Of course, featuring Panasonic fans in all the bathrooms is a real treat and I also have to thank my followers for suggesting Panasonic.


The Panasonic WhisperWarm Fan with heater and light was installed last week in the master bathroom outside the 5×5 walk-in shower. It requires a dedicated 20 amp circuit which John will install as well.

Some Facts: The WhisperWarm fan has an enclosed AC condenser motor for long-life (30,000 hours continuous run), it’s energy efficient and provides super quiet operation. Due to the 1400-watt steel sheathed heating element, the warm-up time is very quick–only one minute. There’s also a built-in damper to prevent back draft.

When John installed the WhisperWarm fan, the electrician stopped by to check on John’s electrical work. When he looked up and saw the coveted fan, he said, “Where did you get that?” As though to say, “Wow,” nice fan!”

7 thoughts on “WhisperWarm, WhisperValue & WhisperFitEZ Panasonic Fans for the Bathrooms

  1. I’d love to have a heated bathroom fan. When I remodeled the upstairs bathroom in my house about eight years ago, the only thing that kept me from putting it in was the electrician’s cost for adding wiring to the second floor for a 20 amp circuit. I wish it had been included when the house was built years ago. If I ever go to the expense, I will remember how many people recommended the Panasonic WhisperWarm fan.

  2. Cool.

    I mean…WARM.

    Yes, I highly recommend a fan with the option of heat in the bathroom.

    Congrats on the donations. Can’t wait to see them installed and hear about your experiences in trying them out for the first time.

  3. I am a “fan” of your blog and so glad to hear you are reaping the benefits of your time and investment into your blog!! Thanks! Please keep seeking out these endorsements, since you/John are certainly deserving.

  4. Are these fans (or your setup) for external venting? Our bathroom fan works well still, but I would LOVE to do a sweet upgrade like this someday when it wears out. We have a fan that vents into our attic, so I appreciate that it actually sucks out humidity (we fight this a lot in Iowa summers).

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