I Fell Head Over Heels for Moen’s Weymouth Showerhead & Faucet

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with Moen. During my ongoing quest for showerheads and faucets for the guest bedroom bathroom, I fell head over heels for the traditional style Weymouth showerhead and faucet with a chrome finish. The moment I laid eyes on both fixtures, my search ceased.


The 36″ fiberglass shower enclosure in the 6×6 guest bathroom will be home for the Weymouth showerhead. The traditional-style showerhead has a thermostatic valve which allows pinpoint pressure control for water conservation, while allowing the correct amount of water for a luxurious shower experience. And for product peace of mind, Moen provides a lifetime finish guarantee–it will never tarnish, corrode or flake off.

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The matching Weymouth high arc single handle bathroom faucet has a side lever which makes it easier to adjust water temperature. I chose this faucet for its distinctive, classic good looks and for the graceful, curved shepherd spout which offers a little bit of extra clearance. Since it’s a single hole mount faucet it’s perfectly paired with the single hole wall-mounted Stark 3 sink provided by Duravit. As with the Weymouth showerhead, the faucet meets EPA water sense criteria; it conserves water without sacrificing performance.

I’m a huge trivia buff and I always wondered who invented the single-handle faucet. We had an old-fashioned wall-mounted sink with two faucets in our previous house which had a 1950 era avocado green bathroom. We used the sink for a couple of years until we renovated the bathroom, but wow, I can’t tell you how many times I almost burned my hands with scalding water. I would have to cup my hands under the cold water faucet first and then quickly shift my cupped hands under the super hot water faucet. I would mix the cold with the hot and splash the “mixed” water on my face. Until 1947, this was what everybody had in their bathrooms (and kitchens), and many people still used these faucets for many years after.

Today, in researching Moen, I found out that it was Al Moen, the founder of Moen, who invented the single handle mixed faucet. If any of you have ever used a two-handle faucet in the past (or maybe present), you’ll be able to relate to my story and Al Moen’s story. Al used one to wash his hands in 1937. A sudden burst of hot water made him jump back and inspired him to invent the single faucet handle, which of course, revolutionized plumbing. In 1947, Moen’s invention rolled off the production line. Each faucet cost $12, which equates to $132.00 today.

9 thoughts on “I Fell Head Over Heels for Moen’s Weymouth Showerhead & Faucet

  1. Two faucets are still very common in the UK. When I renovated a bathroom there people were surprised I put mixed faucet in. Women told me their husbands wouldn’t like that. In answer to my question, they said their husbands would rinse their faces by cupping water in their hands from a sinful of water. They claimed a central faucet would interfere with this. I found that interesting.

    I love your choices. Men is a great product. You must be so excited now that your house is becoming liveable at last with heat, light and water. I have enjoyed seeing and reading about this major house renovation.

  2. We just had a 12 year old Moen kitchen faucet handle break (a little plastic piece inside). We didn’t realize their lifetime warranty, but our honest plumber let us know. We contacted Moen and they shipped the replacement parts quickly and our plumber got our sink back and running. We have been very happy w/ our experience, and happy to hear about your partnership!!

  3. A classic shower head and faucet to go with your classic tiles.

    I personally love brushed nickel. You don’t have the maintenance you have with chrome. There is just no getting rid of those water spots. Who polishes their fixtures after every single use?

    Nice sink too. Are you going to get the metal stand for the sink for hanging towels and just plain old decoration?

    1. After we install the sink, I’ll decide on whether I get a towel bar. It’s a small sink. By getting a 36″ shower enclosure, I sacrificed space for a vanity or larger wall-mounted sink. We didn’t want a 32″ shower enclosure–too small, it would have allowed for a larger sink but I’d rather have a larger shower.

  4. If you can get food grade mineral oil (some grocery stores have it), you just wipe it onto your clean chrome fixtures with a cotton ball or cloth, and it keeps them spot-free for longer. Just reapply when needed.

  5. I’ve had several Moen single handle faucets, shower and sink, over the last 10 or more years. I’ve always liked them and it’s still my first choice when remodeling a bathroom.

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