An Intriguing Story About a Treasure Trove Paris Apartment

This morning, I came across an intriguing story about a treasure trove Paris apartment near Pigalle Red Light District; it had been completely forgotten about for 70 years. The Daily Mail UK published the piece in 2013, so it’s a few years old now, but what an interesting story. Check out the story and photos here!

I’m sure the apartment is within walking distance of the Moulin Rouge…

PARIS JAN. 2008 158





3 thoughts on “An Intriguing Story About a Treasure Trove Paris Apartment

  1. Amazing.

    But I am puzzled how it could be “forgotten”.

    The owner owned it outright, like a house? Are there no property taxes in France? Or did she simply keep paying for it until she died?

    I wonder if there were any heirs since it appeared the government was doing the inventory. I suppose not or they might not want to give up a painting of their several time great grandmother or aunt.

    1. I wondered the ssme thing about the forgotten apt. In 70 years, didn’t it require maintenance. Was the water turned off. Was the heat off. Did a pipe ever break. Strange!

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