Hand Painted Mailboxes-Paint & Seal Your Mailbox


I love hand painted mailboxes. These mailboxes were at a local home and garden show. image

Even though the temperature outside is only 20-something degrees this morning, spring is just around the corner. Painting a mailbox a couple of months from now is on my list of craft projects.

Prime metal mailbox first, paint or stencil a design using OUTDOOR acrylic paints, finish with spraying Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic Glaze or apply a light coat of gloss polyurethane. It should withstand cold winters and hot summers for several years.

Have you painted your mailbox? Send me a photo at suefogwell@gmail.com


8 thoughts on “Hand Painted Mailboxes-Paint & Seal Your Mailbox

  1. Hi, Sue

    The boxes are really cute. I had a custom mailbox for a while years ago, but unfortunately one of the issues with living out in the country is that kids have taken up the “sport” of mailbox-bashing. I had to replace 3 boxes after they were hit with aluminum baseball bats from a car or truck. I finally found a molded plastic one advertised as dent-resistant, and it has survived for over 10 years.

    I hope the Main Line is more civilized and you won’t have this issue!

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your mailbox story. I guess you showed them with your dent-resistant mailbox. We live on a busy road, so my worry is a texting or speeding driver wiping out our mailbox.

  2. My mailbox is attached to the house at the front door and has a sticker on it from USPS for some sort of tracking purposes so nope, no custom paint job. If I did, I’d just paint it the color of the house to make it less noticeable, not more. Although it is not an ugly mailbox. It is cast aluminum with a little flower design on the flap.

    While I don’t have a mailbox like that for the front of the house, I have been toying with building a “Little Free Library”. littlefreelibrary.org

    If I had bat wielding thugs I would sink two substantial PVC pipes on the side of my mailbox and fill them with concrete.

  3. I love the hand-painted mailboxes. I’m going to keep an eye out for one. I’m looking forward to seeing the one you hand paint.

  4. I have a Little Free Library! They are awesome and people seem to love them. I live on a corner so we get lots of traffic- so much that I have a closet of back stock books!

  5. My kids have been asking me to let them paint our mailbox and so I really like the idea of getting a metal one and letting them do what they will with it. However, I really appreciate you mentioning the need to use outdoor acrylic paints, because I was just going to let them use their own art supplies. Yet, do you think if I let them use their own paints that the glaze would be enough to make it last?

    1. From your comment, I can see your website address is a mailbox manufacturing company in Sydney, Australia. I realize your comment was strictly to advertise your company and lead my followers/readers to click on your website. Next time, just send an email and ask me if I would consider “plugging” your website on my blog.

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