Brick House 319 is Now on Instagram

Finally, yesterday, I opened an Instagram account. When you click on my blog, you’ll see the blue & white Instagram icon just under the header photo of the house. Click on it and you’ll land on my Instagram page. For those of you who have Instagram accounts, I hope you’ll follow me.

For those of you who do begin following me, you’ll be included in my twice monthly gift giveaways. The next blog giveaway will be on March 15th.

I started posting photos on Instagram today. I’ll post photos daily of our home renovation, decorating ideas, products that I use, and travel photos and tips, among other things.


4 thoughts on “Brick House 319 is Now on Instagram

  1. I hope you’ll continue to post them here too.

    I don’t do Instagram.

    Or Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Imgr or any of that other social media stuff.

    I am too concerned about privacy issues with “joining” these different social media. Or should I say lack of privacy? They have had too many repetitive security issues.

    1. I don’t do Facebook either. I do have a Twitter account which my blog posts link to, so once I post on my blog, it automatically is posted on Twitter. Strictly blog stuff. Even if you don’t have an Instagram account, you can still look at my Instagram photos.

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