Cutting Daltile Hexagon Mosaic Tile for Bathroom Floor + Dry Fit

After the insulation inspection, John set up his tile saw outside and began cutting the hexagon mosaic floor tile from Daltile.

The QEP tile saw is basic; it’s not a professional saw by any stretch but it did the job. John bought it a couple of years ago for about $90.00. He calls it an “HO” tile saw…meaning “homeowner” tile saw. So for those of you that are handy and want to do a tile job in your house, this saw is adequate and won’t thin out your wallet. He bought it at Home Depot. A tile saw used by professional tilers cost about $700.00.


He did a dry fit so that he doesn’t have to rush when applying Versabond to the HardieBacker.


John did a good job cutting the Daltile; it fits perfectly in the guest bathroom. Of course, I love the black & white retro pattern; it’s exactly what we both wanted. This reminds me, I have to purchase bath towels now. I know I want black towels and then alternate with white. At Christmas, I’ll add a burst of color with cherry red towels. With the black & white tile, I’m not limited to any one color.


John cut the tile to fit around the toilet’s PVC pipe leaving room for the flange. Since he rarely does tiling, he took his time with the cutting phase; I think it turned out well. The wall-mounted sink will be on the right. To purchase Daltile Mosaic Hexagon tile, click here.


While John was cutting the tile, I opened the box housing the practical, high-end wall-mounted Duravit sink. To purchase, click here.


And then I opened up the box shipped to me with the Moen Weymouth One-handle High Arc faucet; it’s so pretty and so luxurious–what a treat!


I put the Moen faucet back to bed until the plumber arrives. To purchase, click here.


Next Step: Applying the Versabond to lay the tile followed by the grout.


Today, we went to Home Depot to look at grout colors. We chose charcoal grout which is the darkest gray, it’s almost black; we’ll also use it with the Daltile Rittenhouse Arctic Subway wall tile. The dark-colored grout will create contrast with the floor tile and will really make the white subway tile pop.


Since the guest bathroom square footage is fairly small, we chose Fusion Pro grout which is pre-mixed and does not require sealing. One quart should be enough for the floor. Since we want the floor finished sooner rather than later, this grout allows John to skip the sealing step.

Evan, the plumber, will come over on Friday or Monday to install the Kohler toilet, Duravit sink, Moen sink faucet and Moen showerhead. We’ll finally have a functional bathroom which is super exciting for us. We are so looking forward to the day that it will be fully operational. I think it calls for a celebration!



6 thoughts on “Cutting Daltile Hexagon Mosaic Tile for Bathroom Floor + Dry Fit

  1. The guest bathroom is going to look elegant. Love your choices. John’s work looks better than some I have seen done by professionals. I bet he was glad to take a break from installing all that insulation.

  2. In the guest bath what are you planning on doing for the baseboards? A complimentary tile? Or are your tiling all the way up the wall?

  3. Beautiful. Up to John’s high standards.

    That is a much better tile job than you probably would have gotten hiring it out.

    That faucet looks like the one you left at your old house that you sold and that was demolished.

    Love the sink.

    I have black and white in my kitchen and love that I can pop any color I want. I have cobalt blue Chantal so it’s usually that. But I have also put a watermelon print in the curtains that had green and red.

    My bathroom is also black and white but also a clear spring green since that is the color of tile on the counter from the 1949 remodel. So I added the same color randomly when I retiled that room and I’ve had green colored towels when I’ve been able to match the shade and black and white when I can’t. I replaced the windows with cross threaded glass for privacy so the room gets plenty of light as I no longer need curtains. That cross threaded glass inspired the checkerboard square theme in that room. I try to get towels with woven squares, blocks or checkerboards when I can. I used a mixture of 1 inch, 2 inch and 4 inch square tiles in white, black and I bought one sheet of special order 1 inch square silver tiles. I couldn’t match the green so I bought stained glass and cut it to size and generously buttered the back for level.

    I love classic black and white. I love the classic tiles like subway and hex. They are universal and neutral to whatever color or design scheme you want.

    Be careful with that grout. It will stain anything it comes in contact with. I used black grout and got some on my hands and my hands were stained black for days. I had to throw the sponges and towels I used away.

    1. The faucet does remind me of the one we used to have, I was just thinking about it the other night. Thanks for the tip on how grout can stain.

  4. Looks fantastic!

    FWIW, My guest bath also needed black towels. They were harder to find than I thought. One set I got actually looked like dark navy blue once I got them washed. I finally found a good color black towel set at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

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